Exposure to a possible toxic chemical sickened five people Monday morning at a Kent business.

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UPDATE 3:51 p.m.

Hexcel, the composites company where the hazardous materials call came from Monday, said in a news release that one building on their campus was evacuated  “as a precaution after five employees reported minor respiratory irritation and were later treated and released at local clinics and hospitals.”

“For the sake of caution, we are continuing to keep a portion of building closed for the next several hours while we continue to investigate,” said plant manager Jim Collins. “However, the fire department has declared the building completely safe.” In the meantime, employees who work in the building will be notified about when and how to report to work. Other operations at the plant will continue as usual.”

Hexcel manufactures materials used in the aerospace industry.


Five employees at a Kent employee were hospitalized Monday after possible exposure to a toxic chemical.

According to the Kent Fire Department, crews were dispatched to the business in the 19800 block of 84th Avenue South just after 9 a.m. Monday after employees complained that they were dizzy and had trouble breathing.

Hazardous-materials crews from the fire department responded and ventilated the building to remove any remaining “airborne chemicals,” the department said in a news release.

The fire department did not specify what kind of chemical the employees were exposed to.

“It will be up to the company to investigate what was happening at the time of the incident and to take any measures necessary to prevent it from happening in the future,” the news release said.