EVERETT — The city has settled a civil lawsuit for $549,000 with a police officer who alleged he was wrongfully and repeatedly passed over for promotions.

Brett Gailey filed the lawsuit against Everett in June 2019 in U.S. District Court in Seattle, The Daily Herald reports.

Gailey alleged that the Everett Police Department discriminated against him because of his role with the U.S. National Guard, which often required him to miss days of work.

Gailey subsequently never was given the rank of sergeant, despite being first on the list for promotion, he said.

The city denied discriminating against Gailey because of his military status, but agreed to pay him $357,000, including money for vacation and sick leave.

The remaining $192,000 covered attorney fees for Gailey, who is now the mayor of Lake Stevens.

The Everett City Council approved the settlement last week. The sum was partially in recognition of Gailey’s lost pension benefits and wages, while the city is not admitting to any wrongdoing, city attorney David Hall said.

Police Chief Dan Templeman called the settlement a “mutually beneficial resolution” enabling Gailey to move on.

Gailey’s last day with Everett police was May 1.