Waste and soiled sediment remain from the site’s decades as a wood-products mill.

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PORT GAMBLE, Kitsap County — About 20 years after the Pope & Talbot mill shut down, the Washington Department of Ecology is scheduled to begin a $17 million project to remove wood waste and contaminated sediment from the Port Gamble Bay.

The Kitsap Sun reports that the two-year-long cleanup effort was scheduled to begin Monday. The plan is to either dig up or cover 70,000 cubic yards of waste and contamination left over from the mill, which closed in 1995.

Plans also call for removal of creosote-treated pilings from the water and demolition of piers, docks and other structures.

Pope & Talbot used the bay site to manufacture and ship wood products for more than 140 years. The area remains contaminated with dioxin and creosote, a wood preservative that is toxic to marine life.