Mayor Ed Murray wants to use electric vehicles and renewable diesel and biodiesel to bring about a major reduction in Seattle’s greenhouse-gas pollution by 2025.

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Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants to cut in half greenhouse-gas pollution from the city’s vehicle fleet by 2025, and he has proposed adding more electric vehicles to do it.

In an announcement Thursday at the Climate Leadership Conference in Seattle, Murray proposed expanding electric-vehicle use in the city by 15,000 cars by 2025, including more city-owned cars.

With an estimated 65 percent of Seattle’s greenhouse-gas emissions coming from transportation, Murray said, his Drive Clean Seattle will help cut carbon pollution that is contributing to climate change.

His developing plan includes a range of strategies to transition transportation, both public and private, away from fossil fuels to clean, carbon-neutral electric energy.

Blessed with abundant zero-carbon hydropower from Seattle City Light, Seattle is in a position to lead the country by example, Murray said, with more electric buses, cars and light-duty trucks on the roads.

“We have clean energy at our fingertips, and it’s time to use it to improve our transportation infrastructure,” Murray said.

Murray’s Green Fleet Action Plan calls for replacing about 120,000 gallons of gas burned in the city fleet with electricity.

More emission reductions would come from replacing petroleum diesel with a blend of renewable diesel and biodiesel.

The mayor also wants to increase the availability of charging stations throughout the city, to make electric-vehicle use more accessible and practical. He proposes, for starters, to install 400 charging stations over the next five to seven years for Seattle fleet vehicles.

“Cities are a place to incubate ideas,” Murray said. “We can be a model.”