The killer whale, born to a 22-year-old mother known as J28, was first seen Dec. 1. It is the eighth orca born to the three pods of southern-resident orcas.

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A new baby orca has joined the J pod.

The whale, known among orca experts as J54, was first seen on Dec. 1 by whale watchers near San Juan Island. Born to a 22-year-old mother known as J28, baby J54’s gender remains unknown, the Pacific Whale Watch Association said in a news release Wednesday.

This is J28’s second baby — J46, a female, was born in 2009 and is still alive.

The association says there have been eight southern resident killer whale births since last December.

The total population of southern resident killer whales is now at 84.

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In late February biologists sighted the third southern resident calf born this year. NOAA Fisheries researchers followed the whales for three weeks in February to learn more about their winter behavior. Footage courtesy of NOAA.