A growing number of Hanford workers are reporting possible exposures to tank farm vapors.

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A growing number of Hanford nuclear reservation workers are reporting possible exposures to tank-farm vapors.

Since last Thursday, 48 workers have undergone medical evaluations due to reported exposures. That’s more than double the number reported a week ago.

Of those workers, 34 reported symptoms following the possible exposures, according to a statement released Thursday by the Department of Energy’s Office of River Protection at Hanford.

At the Hanford site, near Richland, a massive- and often troubled cleanup is under way in the aftermath of decades of plutonium production for nuclear weapons.

The tank farms hold highly radioactive and chemical wastes, and contract crews have been transferring the contents from a leaking double-shelled tank.

On Thursday, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson visited Richland and met in the afternoon with Hanford workers.

Ferguson last year filed a lawsuit over worker safety issues at Hanford, and has said the exposures over the past week are “shameful.”

“What’s happening at Hanford isn’t right, and I am exploring further legal options to keep our workers safe at Hanford,” Ferguson said in a statement released earlier this week.