The hiking trail, east of the town of Gold Bar, travels through thick timber to Lake Serene, a spot at the foot of Mount Index.

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Seattle-based land conservancy Forterra closed last month on its purchase of 190 acres of land from timber company Weyerhaeuser to preserve the popular Lake Serene Trail, according to a Friday news release from the nonprofit.

The trail, east of Gold Bar and accessible from Highway 2, travels through thick timber to Lake Serene, a chilly alpine lake at the foot of imposing Mount Index.

When Weyerhaeuser said it planned to log in the area and close the trail, Forterra organized a fundraiser to purchase the acreage. Helping to raise funds were Snohomish County, the Washington Trails Association, Washington Alpine Club, Outdoor Research and REI, according to a Forterra news release.

Michael Beneke, Forterra’s vice president of communication, said the deal ultimately cost about $617,000. As part of the agreement,¬†Weyerhaeuser has harvested 57 acres of timber during a closure that began in September last year. Beneke said the timber harvest would not affect the aesthetic on the trail.

“The process is complete. The trail is open,” Beneke said. Forterra plans to keep the property, he said, and is working with Snohomish County to apply a conservation easement on the acreage, so it will continue to be used as trail and forest habitat.