Leaders around our region had lots to say when asked what should be done to restore threatened salmon runs and Puget Sound’s endangered orcas.

The orcas are declining because of three primary threats: lack of adequate, quality food; disturbance and noise by vessels and boats; and pollution. Only 73 southern resident orcas are left.

Some Seattle-area leaders said nothing will change unless we get serious about land use and reverse the destruction underway of the habitat salmon and orcas depend on.

The happy talk and consensus processes that smother everything around here has got to give way to a sharper-edged insistence that business as usual is no longer good enough,” said Will Stelle, two-term regional administrator of Fisheries, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and lead federal author of the Puget Sound Recovery Plan for salmon.

A carbon tax, fishing ban and more funding for habitat recovery were also among the things that would be needed, they said.

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