The hibernating bear can be seen mostly napping, but sometimes poking its head out into the chilly spring air, wondering, "Should I get up yet?"

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There’s a bear in Montana who’s become an internet darling and he doesn’t even know it.

A camera hundreds of feet away is trained on the wide opening in the knot of a cottonwood tree at Glacier National Park. And a bear is mostly napping inside as thousands of people watch a seasonal transformation unfold.

One thing the hibernating bear is certainly thinking: Should I get up yet?

Up in the tree at Glacier National Park, you can see him poke his head out of the opening of his den, live on YouTube. He’s also been seen climbing up and down the tree, munching on cottonwood buds and pulling in branches to build his nest.

Mostly, though, the bear is waiting for the right time, and temperature, to venture out for the year’s warmer months.

Until then, it’s mostly naps.

“It’s like he’s the male that says he’s out in the woods working or hunting, but he’s actually just relaxing,” wildlife biologist Jamie Jonkel, of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, told the Missoulan.

The livestream on YouTube is occasionally interrupted, but the park will typically restart the video. Check the park’s channel for the latest.