It’s been almost a year since J35, mother orca Tahlequah drew worldwide attention as she swam for 17 days and more than 1,000 miles with her dead calf. The calf lived only one half-hour.

She touched people around the world. Millions followed her day by day, beginning on July 24, as she clung to the calf, diving deeply to retrieve it each time she had to pause and take a breath as she swam. She would not let the baby that grew inside her for 18 months go.

‘I have not slept in days’: Readers react to Tahlequah, the mother orca clinging to her dead calf

During Tahlequah’s journey, we asked readers to tell us how her story affected them. More than 1,000 people sent in their answers, including songs, stories, poems, videos of dance performances, and much more. So a year later, we’d like to know what you are thinking now.

Is she, and the extended family of southern residents, still in your thoughts? Are you hopeful, more concerned than ever, do you think we are making progress or even on the right track? Have you moved on?

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