This rescued sea otter pup might be the cutest animal we’ve ever seen.

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Otter pup Rialto was near death when he was rescued from a beach at Olympic National Park. Just a few weeks old, he had slim chances of survival. But now the baby sea otter is being cared for around the clock at the Seattle Aquarium.

He loves his frozen toys, swims, naps and delicious seafood diet.

Here are our favorite animated GIFs of little Rialto. Download them yourself to share!

1. He shakes like a puppy would, but cuter

(Video by Alan Berner)


2. The fuzzy-headed otter can’t get enough ice


3. He’s certainly not camera shy


 4. Biiiiig stretch for the little guy


 5. Is Rialto the next Michael Phelps?


 6. Belly scratches are the best