Steve Fields conceded the race for Redmond mayor Tuesday night to Angela Birney, who was leading in early returns, while Armondo Pavone was leading in the Renton mayoral race over Marcie Maxwell.

Birney had 59 percent of 6,990 votes counted Tuesday night, while Fields had 40 percent. Though there are still votes to be counted, Fields conceded the race shortly after results were posted, saying he didn’t think he would receive enough votes to change the outcome.

Birney would replace Mayor John Marchione, who decided not to run after three terms.

Savanna Steele, Birney’s campaign manager, said the results showed voters agree with the priorities of her campaign.

“The priorities, which have been building community, protecting the environment and creating a livable city where everyone can thrive, has really resonated with voters,” Steele said Tuesday night.

Birney, 51, is the president of the Redmond City Council, where she has served since 2016. She opted not to seek reelection for a second term so she could run for mayor. She previously served as the Redmond Parks and Trails committee chair.


Birney has been complimentary of the city’s work under Marchione, who endorsed her over Fields. She says she wants to build on Redmond’s strengths, such as its strong economy and diverse population.

She raised $105,311, four times more than Fields, who raised $23,902.

Fields, 67, has served on the City Council since 2018 and has been critical of the city’s previous budget and planning decisions. Rosemarie Ives, a four-term Redmond mayor, endorsed Fields and said his executive experience set him apart from his opponent..

This is Fields’ second run for Redmond mayor; he lost to Marchione in 2015 by 817 votes. On Tuesday night, he said he was proud of his campaign and “knew it was an uphill battle, because fighting the status quo always is.” He still has two more years in his City Council term and said he looks forward to working with Birney.

“I will remain a strong advocate for Redmond residents and believe that an engaged City Council will help ensure City Hall approaches governance with empathy, humility, and engaged listening,” Fields said.

In the race for Renton mayor, Pavone had 54 percent of the 11,005 votes counted and Maxwell had 45 percent.

Pavone is a Renton City Council member and owner of the Melrose Grill in Renton. His campaign stressed his lifelong connection to the city — he grew up in Renton, graduated from Renton High School and is the son of a Renton police officer. He was elected to the Renton City Council in 2014. He was endorsed by Mayor Denis Law, who wasn’t seeking a fourth term as mayor.

Maxwell is a former state representative who represented the Eastside’s District 41 for five years. She pointed to her time in Olympia and roles on several regional organizations. She also worked as a senior education adviser for Gov. Jay Inslee, served on the Renton School Board for eight years and owns a real-estate business.

Going into the general election, the Renton mayoral race looked as if it might be a closer race, as the two candidates had traded the top spot in the August primary. Maxwell ultimately overtook Pavone with just 12 votes.