"Deliveries are booming," said Angelo Pappas, of Olympia Pizza & Spaghetti House on Seattle's Queen Anne hill, breathlessly. "The phone doesn't stop ringing."

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At least we’ll have pizza to bring us together in the end.

Whether drowning ballot-return sorrows in globs of gelatinous mozzarella or savoring the taste of triumph with an election-night pepperoni, partisans of all stripes will be enjoying pies Tuesday evening.

“Deliveries are booming,” said Angelo Pappas, of Olympia Pizza & Spaghetti House on Queen Anne, breathlessly. “The phone doesn’t stop ringing.” 

The telephones were also buzzing at Zeeks and Pagliacci’s call centers, though those who answered the phone were not willing to go on record with their sizzling pizza tips.

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A Pagliacci representative said election night typically compares to the Super Bowl in terms of delivery volume.

Nonpartisan observers are some of the best takeout customers. The Seattle Times will have 42 pies in the newsroom Tuesday evening to feed the ink-stained scribes pecking away at their keyboards. Ten party salads will be on hand, too.