A Kittitas County man is challenging the state over a legal technicality he says invalidates Initiative 1351, a sweeping class-size measure approved by voters last fall.

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A Kittitas County man filed a legal challenge of a class-size initiative approved by voters last fall, saying it’s invalid because it referenced an outdated version of the law it sought to amend.

Joel McEntire alleges that Initiative 1351 referred to a version of the law that didn’t include changes from 2014.

His attorney, former state senator and state Supreme Court justice Phil Talmadge, said the initiative is distorting the state budgetary process because of the measure’s high price tag. Recently, the House and Senate both proposed funding only a fraction of the estimated $5 billion that I-1351 is expected to cost over the next four years.

Talmadge pointed to a state Supreme Court decision in 2007 that overturned Initiative 747, a tax-limiting measure that called for limiting increases in state and local property-tax collections to 1 percent a year, unless voters approved more. In its ruling, the court said voters were deceived about how big an impact the measure would have on state revenue.

A spokeswoman for Class Size Counts, the group that ran a campaign supporting I-1351, and a spokesman for the state teachers union, which organized a signature-gathering drive to put the initiative on the ballot, both said they had not had time to analyze the complaint Tuesday afternoon.