The students, calling some of the curricula stifling and Eurocentric, are asking for significant changes in the way one of its colleges is run.

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A group of Seattle University students has occupied the office of Jodi Kelly, dean of the school’s Matteo Ricci College, and has issued a set of demands that include changing the school’s curriculum and culture.

In a lengthy petition posted online, the students describe the college’s curriculum as “Eurocentric and Classical in nature, damaging, stifling, and failing to align with content taught elsewhere in the University.” They are asking for a new curriculum, for the college to recruit and hire professors from diverse backgrounds, and for every faculty member undergo training from an anti-racist network in Seattle.

They are also asking the dean to resign and said they were prepared to occupy the office until she does so.

A spokesman for the college said Kelly and other university leaders have been meeting with students in recent weeks. The college has offered to do a comprehensive review of the curricula of the college’s degree programs, to hire a consultant to conduct an assessment of the school’s climate and culture, and to offer racial and cultural literacy training.