Seattle teachers voted against a walkout proposal as members discussed an alternate plan to protest school funding proposals deemed inadequate.

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The Seattle teachers union will not stage a one-day strike May 1, according to unofficial results of a membership vote tallied Saturday.

A group of Seattle Education Association (SEA) members, frustrated with legislative school-funding proposals it deemed inadequate, initiated the walkout proposal in protest. The state is under a court-ordered mandate to fully fund basic education.

SEA President Phyllis Campano said she thought members agreed with the sentiment behind the proposal. “The concern from the membership was more about timing,” she said.

If the SEA struck now, it would be going out on its own, Campano said. Instead, members seemed to want a coordinated effort with other teachers unions across the state.

The vote brought a record turnout, with more than half of roughly 6,000 union members voting, according to Campano.

She said SEA will embark on an alternate plan. Some members plan to take personal days over the first two weeks of May to travel to Olympia, where they will keep watch on legislators crafting school funding bills. “They need to be there every day so legislators are reminded this is their paramount duty,” Campano said.

She said the union was hoping for a daily turnout of about 300 people, including parents and members of other education associations.