This summer, all Seattle Public Schools students will be able take courses online, Superintendent Denise Juneau announced via Facebook Live on Tuesday.

From July 6 to Aug. 7, the district will continue offering courses online that serve elementary, middle and high school students. Registration opens next week.

The announcement comes as many parents feel anxious about the learning time their children have lost as the district shifted to an online learning model.

In an effort to smooth communication, the district also announced Tuesday that students will receive their own Seattle schools email addresses.

When schools closed, there were no central databases of student contact information. At each school, teachers had to band together and improvise lists of contact info for their students, a time-consuming task.

Year round, there are about 52,000 students; most years, the district only enrolls about 2,500 of them in summer school.


Students in first through fifth grades will have access to 25 lessons in social skills, math and language arts. They will also have weekly class meetings. School libraries will also distribute books to younger students.

Middle and high school students will get access to 20 lessons in language arts, math or both. Older students can still work on credit retrieval, which is traditionally offered in the summer.

About 100 teachers have volunteered to staff the effort so far.

The district will also continue providing mental health and counseling services for students both in-person and through videoconferencing. Those efforts will be coordinated with outside organizations, district officials said.