If two challengers don’t unseat Betty Patu, she will return to the seven-member board next year as its longest-serving member.

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The Seattle School Board’s elections will include two crowded races filled with newcomers and one race where current School Board Member Betty Patu faces two challengers.

Nine people have filed to run for District 4, currently held by Sue Peters, and six have filed to run for District 5, represented by Stephan Blanford. Both decided against running for re-election.

If the two challengers don’t unseat Patu, she will return to the seven-member board in her third term and as its longest-serving member. The other four members were all elected in November 2015.

Seattle School Board candidates run only in their districts in the August primary. The two with the most votes move on to the November election, where they run citywide.


District 4: Eden Mack, Sean Champagne, Herbert J. Camet Jr., Jeff Jones, Megan Locatelli Hyska, Jennifer Crow, Darrell Toland, Lisa Melenyzer, Anh M. Nguyen

District 5: Zachary Pullin DeWolf, Alec Cooper, Omar Vasquez, Andre Helmstetter, Candace Vaivadas, Michelle Sarju

District 7: Betty Patu, Tony Hemphill, Chelsea Byers

Eighteen other King County school districts have at least one open seat. The school board candidates in Bellevue, Highline, Mercer Island, Northshore and Shoreline are:


District 3: Erica Melief

District 5: My-Linh Thai, Hugh Gladner


District 2: Angelica M. Alvarez

District 3: Joe Van

Mercer Island

Position 2: Brian Giannini Upton, Caifeng Wu

Position 4: Diana Lein, Linhui Hao, Deborah Schneider Lurie


District 1: Brian M. Travis, Jacqueline McGourty, Sara Campbell, Kimberly D’Angelo

District 2: Bob Swain, Sherry Krainick

District 4: Sandy R. Hayes

District 5: Amy Cast, Rob Taft Jr.


District 2: Heather Fralick, Jill Brady, Mike (Dee) McMullin

District 3: David Wilson, Steven J. Pollak