The lawyer said the Mount Vernon School District would face costly litigation if it opposed the after-school club proposed by the Satanic Temple of Seattle.

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MOUNT VERNON — A lawyer hired by the Mount Vernon School District has advised officials to allow the Satanic Temple of Seattle to start an after-school program at one of their elementary schools.

Attorney Duncan Fobes said if the district were to deny the application, it would face costly litigation that would not end in its favor, according to The Skagit Valley Herald.

Fobes said the district was one of nine throughout the country, including Mount Vernon’s Centennial Elementary School, to receive such applications.

The Satanic Temple has been targeting schools that have a Good News Bible Club. Satanic Temple of Seattle spokesman Tarkus Claypool has said a parent brought the Bible club to its attention over concerns the club was teaching children to evangelize to other children.

Claypool said its curriculum teaches children logic, self-empowerment, reasoning, and the group doesn’t worship a deity.