The proposed change to Lacey Public Schools has raised the ire of some. A meeting will be held Thursday to discuss the name change.

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Timberline High School graduate Baurice Nelson was so upset about a proposal to rename Thurston County’s largest school district Lacey Public Schools that he started a Facebook page about it.

Then he bought rights to a website, And then, with the help of a friend, Nelson started collecting signatures on an online petition against the proposal.

As of Tuesday, the “Keep the North Thurston School District Name” petition on had more than 800 signatures.

“I have found no one who is not in some way connected to the Lacey expansion machine that is in favor of this idea,” said Nelson, 48, whose four children attend North Thurston schools.

The North Thurston School Board will hold a special meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday at Chinook Middle School to gather public input on the name change idea, said spokeswoman Courtney Schrieve.

District officials will update the board on a district survey and estimated costs for the name change, she said. Schrieve said Tuesday it would cost less than $10,000 to change signs.

As of Tuesday, about 1,000 people filled out the district’s online survey on the issue.

“I would say the majority (of survey takers) have been against the change,” Schrieve said.

The nearly 14,000-student district was established in 1953 — 13 years before the city of Lacey was incorporated.