About 40 people who asked for refunds from the state’s prepaid tuition program were overpaid.

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About 40 people who requested refunds from the state’s Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program got extra money in their refund check, and state officials began calling them this week to ask them to ask for the money back.

GET Director Betty Lochner said the mistake was the result of a coding error. In all, 40 people received $14,000 more in refund money than they should have received, she said.

The state board that oversees the prepaid tuition program decided last year to let anyone who owns GET credits to ask for a refund. That decision came after the Legislature decided to cut tuition rates for the next two years and freeze the GET payout rate. Lochner said 11,470 accounts, or about 8 percent of all GET accounts, are being refunded, with a total value of $124 million.

Account-holders have until December of this year to decide whether they want a refund.