A small neighborhood was shut down in south Edmonds on Sunday after police responded to a man brandishing a knife and threatening “homicidal violence” on his family, according to the Edmonds Police Department.

After an 8-hour standoff police who had surrounded the house took the man into custody a little after 7 p.m., according to an Edmonds Police public information officer.

Police said the suspect was evaluated by an aid crew for exposure to pepper powder, but no one in his family was injured.

On Sunday morning around 10:30, when police responded to a 911 call at the 8200 block of Southwest 234th Street in Edmonds, two family members came out of the house. Two officers pushed their way in and rescued another family member while holding off a man with a knife, according to Sgt. Josh McClure with the Edmonds Police Department.

“We don’t know about guns, but we do know he was armed with a knife and brandished that knife,” McClure said at the time.

More officers and a SWAT team showed up and evacuated some neighbors or told others to shelter in place, McClure said, shutting down 234th Street between 80th and 84th.

Negotiators arrived Sunday evening and communicated with the man inside, the police department tweeted.

After 7 p.m. the SWAT team deployed exploding “distraction devices,” and the man appeared at the door, McClure said. Officers advanced, hit him with pepper balls, and took him into custody.