Tod Johnson and Margaret Bukowski's Kirkland wedding site was a big hit with family and friends. The ceremony was held on Lee Johnson Field...

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Tod Johnson and Margaret Bukowski’s Kirkland wedding site was a big hit with family and friends.

The ceremony was held on Lee Johnson Field at Peter Kirk Park. The field was dedicated to Tod’s father, Lee Johnson Jr., in 2004. (Lee Johnson Jr. died in 2002.) The field’s name doesn’t include “junior” because it also honors Tod’s grandfather, Lee Johnson Sr., who started the Kirkland Little League in 1951.

“My dad proposed to my mom outside the left-field fence,” Tod said. “When Margaret and I were planning our wedding, it seemed the natural place to have it — where my family has played, coached and sponsored baseball.

“We stood just behind second base, in center field, for the ceremony. It was a fabulous event, and almost like having my dad there.”

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Johnson can even credit baseball for introducing him to his wife.

He played at the University of Washington with Randy Jorgensen. After Jorgensen married, he talked about introducing Johnson to his wife’s sister. The match was made three years ago when Johnson and Bukowski went on a blind date.

Class act

Al Coury and Ed Lightfoot of Bellevue, and 16 of their classmates just held their 60th class reunion — a year early.

This wasn’t a typical high-school gathering. Coury and Lightfoot organized the reunion for the Mercer Island Grade School Class of 1946.

“We did it a year early because there is a possibility the old school will be torn down,” Coury said. “It was also the 55th reunion for Bellevue High School’s class of 1950. Many of us went there.”

Coury and his classmates, 28 in all, attended first through eighth grades on Mercer Island.

Last week’s reunion included a waterfront tour of Mercer Island, a photo session in front of the old schoolhouse (now the Mercer Island Boys & Girls Club) and dinner at the Roanoke Inn.

“Nobody in our class went on to fame,” Coury said. “But our class clown, who had something like a 1.2 grade-point average, became an atomic engineer.”

Pumps of gold

If you’ve been saying ouch when filling your car with gas, consider what the high price of fuel is doing to boaters.

Carl Bryant of Kirkland usually motors Sluggo, his 37-foot, twin-engine boat, to the San Juan Islands, Blake Island, Edmonds and other Puget Sound destinations during the summer. Sluggo’s size and length puts it in the middle of the pack for boats in the Northwest — with many yachts considerably larger, and lots of ski boats and motorboats smaller.

This summer, Bryant and Sluggo are rarely leaving the Kirkland marina. The reason? Sluggo devours 28 gallons of fuel an hour.

During a recent trip with out-of-state guests, the boat consumed more than 100 gallons going from Kirkland, through the locks, to Edmonds, Port Townsend, Poulsbo, Kitsap County, and back to the Eastside. Bryant’s gas bill for the jaunt: $475.

The cost per gallon varies drastically. Bryant said fuel was $3.49 on Lake Union, $3.17 in Edmonds and $2.99 in Poulsbo.

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