Jennifer Doyle teaches third grade at Endeavour Elementary in Issaquah. Throughout the year, her students study the salmon life cycle and...

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Jennifer Doyle teaches third grade at Endeavour Elementary in Issaquah. Throughout the year, her students study the salmon life cycle and preservation of fish habitat. Little did she know what she was hatching when she also emphasized that kids can make a difference.

It started when the students wrote to Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Rick Larsen, both Democrats, urging them to protect salmon.

“To our surprise, they wrote back to us,” Doyle said.

That inspired two students to try something else. Courtney Vu and Addison Lalierorganized a small bake and toy sale and handed their $13.10 profits to Doyle, saying they wanted to donate it to help fish.

Because she wanted the money to make an impact, Doyle asked her fiancé, Brian Perry, for donation suggestions. Perry is a fly fisherman. He posted a query on The fishing folks were touched and more than 55 have donated more money to the bake-sale proceeds.

As of yesterday, the $13.10 had grown to $1,562.36.

The money will be given to Washington Trout, a group that works to conserve Washington’s wild fish and their habitats.

“This is amazing,” Doyle said. “We teachers do have a positive effect on our students.”

Bewitching news

Being called a witch is good news in Megan Hilty’s stage career. The Sammamish High School grad will take over the role of Galinda, in “Wicked” playing on stage in New York. (Galinda becomes Glinda, the good witch in “Wizard of Oz.”)

In case you’ve missed the buzz, this musical tells the adventures of two other girls in the Land of Oz, long before Dorothy and her dog arrived. One green-skinned girl is smart, flamboyant and misunderstood. The other is beautiful and popular. “Wicked” explains how they become Glinda the Good Witch and Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West.

Hilty has been the backup Glinda. She’ll be in most matinees this month and will completely take over the role May 31.

A new Wizard of Oz — Ben Vereen — will join the cast about the same time.

Newport High School teacher Terry LaRussa Banton directed Hilty in the Bellevue Youth Theatre. She said Hilty was a standout lead in the group’s productions of “Oklahoma,” “The King and I” and “Oliver!”

“When I heard Megan sing in sixth grade in the choir, I knew she would be on Broadway someday,” Banton said.

Megan Hilty, 25, is the daughter of Jack and Donna Hilty of Bellevue.

Decisions, decisions

Don Morgan, president of GMA Research in Bellevue, had a dilemma at the Seattle Mariners season opener this week. He was carrying a tray with Ivar’s fish and chips and clam chowder and just returned to his seat behind home plate when Adrian Beltre hit a foul ball.

“I was next to Rod Brooks (of Sammamish), who is director of marketing for Pemco Insurance. Rod is a serious fan and brings his glove,” Morgan said. “The ball went over the backstop, hit an awning and ricocheted right toward us.”

Morgan stood up, trying to decide between dropping his lunch and catching the baseball.

“I kept thinking Ivar’s or baseball, a baseball or Ivar’s,” he said. “Ivar’s won.”

Brooks caught it.

“Rod was excited because he got the ball,” Morgan said. “I was excited that I didn’t drop my tray and go for the ball.”

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