A driver hit the gas instead of the brake, sending her car into the driving school where she was scheduled for a lesson. Fortunately, no one was injured.

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A 30-year-old woman, who had just arrived for a lesson at 9-1-1 Driving School in Bellevue, hit the gas instead of the brake.

The Audi she was driving hopped the curb and broke through the window in the school’s front facade and pushed the vending machines inside into an interior wall, said Jack Scott, co-owner of the driving school.

The vending machines punched through a wall and knocked some expensive clocks hanging inside Boyd’s Clocks, the store next door, Scott said.

Scott, who was in an office at the driving school at the time, thought for a second someone had slammed a door when the car came crashing into the building. But it was too loud.

He walked out to find “glass everywhere” and the driver, and her husband, in a little state of panic.

“She was a little shaken up,” he said.

No one was injured in the crash, though Scott said the driver’s confidence might have been damaged. Scott said he thought it was the driver’s second or third lesson with the school.

“We’ll encourage her to continue (with lessons),” Scott said. “Mistakes happen … a lot of self-confidence will have to be rebuilt.”

Scott said the driving school will be fully repaired in three weeks. They’ll be open with a temporary entrance in the meantime.

The woman was not cited, said Bellevue Police spokesman Seth Tyler, because the woman had her driver’s permit; there were no injuries; and the accident took place on private property.