The mosque’s stone sign has been damaged for the second time in less than a month, and Redmond police say they are taking the investigation “very seriously.”

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For the second time in a month, a sign in front of an Eastside mosque has been vandalized, according to police.

What is a bias crime?

Under Washington state law, the malicious harassment — or hate crime — statute provides protections for people attacked over race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or mental, physical or sensory handicap.

Here’s an explanation of what "bias crime" actually means.

Redmond police said they were notified Saturday morning that the metal face of a granite slab in front of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound had been damaged overnight.

There was no writing or graffiti, but the damage was similar to destruction caused to the same monument Nov. 21, police said.

Mosque officials could not be reached for comment Saturday afternoon and it was not immediately clear whether the additional security patrols they’d planned to hire after the earlier incident had been on duty when the incident occurred.

In a statement, Redmond police said investigators think the sign was most recently damaged by one person shortly after midnight. The man was described by police as a tall, thin, young white male wearing dark clothing and a dark baseball cap.

In a statement, police said they were not immediately divulging full details but were taking the investigation “very seriously.”

“As the sign was vandalized on November 21st in a similar manner, we know that many in our community have concerns,” police said. “The same sign, at a place of worship has now been damaged twice. We are investigating both incidents as possible hate crimes and do not know yet if they were committed by the same suspect.”

Police ask anyone with information to call 425-556-2500.