Joy Zorn of Mercer Island has recipes in both cookbooks produced by Seahawks wives. The first was published in 1983 when her husband was...

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Joy Zorn of Mercer Island has recipes in both cookbooks produced by Seahawks wives.

The first was published in 1983 when her husband was the team quarterback. She pointed at her contribution — a recipe for a yogurt shake.

“Look at this,” she said. “What was I thinking? Why didn’t someone tell me that wasn’t a good recipe for a cookbook?”

She did better this go around. In the Seahawks Family Cookbook, officially released at Sunday’s game at Qwest Field against St. Louis, is the melt-in-your-mouth Z-Man’s Favorite Birthday Cake. Zorn’s husband, Jim, is now an assistant coach with the team.

This edition features recipes from current players, coaching staff, former players and coaches, and even the team’s executive chef, Mac McNabb, plus dozens of pictures of players and their families from team photographer Corky Trewin. At a cookbook party at Qwest Field this week, Seahawks staff and wives tasted dishes made from the book’s recipes.

Tara Leiweke, wife of CEO Tod Leiweke, said that proceeds from the 5,000 copies of the book will go to the Seahawks Leadership Academy. The academy, a Seattle middle school, provides small classes and specialized programs for at-risk students.

Pulling together the cookbook wasn’t easy, agreed Leiweke, April Hannam and Sarah Hasselbeck — who worked on the project.

“Getting recipes from some of the players was difficult,” Hannam said. “Sometimes I had to track down their grandmothers to get a favorite recipe.”

In the mobile world of professional football, players come and go. Recipes were pulled as players left, then put back in if they returned. The project took five years from start to finish.

Recipes not only had to be collected, they had to be made by volunteer cooks and taste-tested in the Seahawks’ Kirkland headquarters.

“We had a sign up in the office,” said Sandy Gregory, director of community outreach. “If you bite, you write.”

Comments helped determine which recipes made the cut.

Seahawks wives will be selling and autographing the cookbook at Sunday’s game. The cost is $19.95 plus tax.

Winged victory

Jan Harris of Redmond and 11 other cancer survivors star in the annual Angel Care Breast Cancer Foundation calendar. These brave souls are photographed nude — with props placed at strategic points of their anatomy.

Well, they’re not quite nude. They all wear angel wings to show there is life after breast cancer.

The models, who range in age from late 30s to 70s, will be autographing the 2006 calendars at the Redmond Town Center Borders bookstore from 4 to 6 p.m. today. Don Shaw, the district manager for Borders, was so impressed with the women that he has booked them for appearances at 10 other stores. The calendars are $15.

One last grin

Steve and Jennifer Rall own the White Swan Car Wash in Kirkland and are proud grandparents of 5-year-old Morgan Lowell.

When asked about Veterans Day, Morgan Lowell said, “Oh, that is the day you take really good care of your pets.”