In other items: Identity-theft arrests made after vehicle check; treatment-plant update to focus on design issues; several events planned for eradication of ivy; public input sought on environmental issues; and parks, fields to receive less water this summer.

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The Redmond City Council will hold a public hearing tonight on two emergency ordinances limiting the number of portable signs businesses can have.

On March 15, the council approved an ordinance allowing Redmond businesses to display one portable sign in front of their establishments — provided the advertisements stay off sidewalks, center medians, roads or bikeways.

The council approved a second emergency ordinance on March 22 allowing free-standing or pole signs — such as “for sale” signs used to advertise real estate — to stay put in yards until the homes are sold. The ordinance allows one sign in front of every lot, or two signs on corner lots.

The meeting will start at 8 p.m in council chambers, in the Redmond Public Safety Building, 8701 160th Ave. N.E.


Identity-theft arrests made after vehicle check

Medina police arrested two men early yesterday after an officer stopped their vehicle for an equipment malfunction and found stolen credit cards, checks, mail and drug paraphernalia in their backpacks. Police also found a small amount of methamphetamine.

The arrests came after an officer stopped a vehicle coming from the Hunts Point area at about 3:45 a.m., said Medina police Cpl. Dan Yourkoski. The officer became suspicious when the four occupants gave conflicting stories about why they were in the area. The two passengers in the back seat gave the officer permission to search their backpacks, Yourkoski said.

The two men are a 25-year-old from Seattle and a 21-year-old from Renton. They were booked and released, with felony charges pending once the victims have been contacted, Yourkoski said. All of the recovered mail had Seattle addresses, he said.


Treatment-plant update to focus on design issues

King County representatives will update the public on the design of a wastewater-treatment facility in Carnation tomorrow at Carnation Elementary School.

The city is replacing individual septic tanks with a wastewater-treatment plant. It has contracted with King County to design, build and run the plant, conveyance pipe and discharge location.

A presentation on the plant’s design and other details will begin at 7 p.m., with project staff available to answer questions. The school is at 4950 Tolt Ave. For more information, call 206-263-5212 or visit online.

Mercer Island

Several events planned for eradication of ivy

Mercer Island will hold its first Ivy Olympics and Open Space Fair Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Island Park Elementary School.

Activities will include ivy-removal competitions, ivy-vine crafts and how-to displays for homeowners by local environmental groups and agencies. Prizes will be awarded in several categories, including “largest ivy vine” and “most imaginative ivy creation.” The event is in conjunction with National No Ivy Day.

Ivy and other nonnative plants are overrunning much of Mercer Island’s open space, crowding out native plants, according to the city’s Parks Department. The city and volunteers are working with EarthCorps, a Seattle-based environmental-restoration organization, to restore the island’s forests.

The school is at 5437 Island Crest Way. For information, call park arborist Paul West at 206-236-3544 or 206-730-1518.

King County

Public input sought on environmental issues

King County will hold an open house from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Redmond’s Evergreen Junior High School to hear which environmental issues residents want studied as the county considers potential improvements to Northeast Novelty Hill Road and adjacent roads.

The county is looking at ways to improve roads to connect new homes and jobs in Redmond, Bellevue and Seattle, and to accommodate growth in Duvall, Carnation, Monroe and south Snohomish County.

The study will focus on improvements along the busy stretch of Novelty Hill between Avondale Road and 243rd Avenue Northeast, along 208th Avenue Northeast, Union Hill Road and 196th Avenue Northeast.

Evergreen Junior High School is at 6900 208th Avenue Northeast in Redmond. For more information, contact Barbara de Michele at 206-263-3792 To learn more about the project, visit online.

Mercer Island

Parks, fields to receive less water this summer

Mercer Island’s Parks Department is reducing irrigation of athletic fields and parks to help the region avoid a water shortage this summer.

Under a department plan to conserve water by at least 10 percent, athletic fields will receive only enough water to maintain safe playing conditions, keep turf healthy and reduce dust. Areas with well-established landscaping will be watered less.

For water conservation tips, visit online.

Seattle Times Eastside bureau