Other items: Drill to test response to regional disaster in King County and a 28-year-old arrested in pellet-gun threat in Bothell.

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Bellevue police have increased their fees for responding to false burglar alarms at homes and businesses.

One false alarm in six months still costs nothing, but police will charge as much as $250 for repeat violations, on a sliding scale. The second false alarm costs $75, a third is $100, a fourth is $125, a fifth is $150 and a sixth is $200. Anything after that is $250.

Police respond to about 3,700 false alarms a year, and the calls make it harder to respond to legitimate crimes, said Bellevue police spokesman Michael Chiu. One business recently had 19 false alarms in six months.

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The phony calls are triggered a variety of ways, including entering the wrong electronic code, leaving windows open or setting off of motion detectors by pets, curtains or balloons.

King County

Drill to test response to regional disaster

Emergency responders from about 25 cities and agencies were to take part in a mock-disaster drill today to test the region’s response to a large-scale emergency.

The drill will be conducted at the King County Emergency Coordination Center in Renton and based on terrorist attacks on two local transportation systems. No fake disaster scenes will be physically created or simulated.

The idea is to test communication systems and teamwork. The drill is the first test of the county’s new Regional Disaster Plan.


28-year-old arrested in pellet-gun threat

A 28-year-old Issaquah man has been arrested on suspicion of threatening several people with a pellet gun.

The man was trying to collect money he believed was owed to him by an Allstate Insurance office in the 900 block of Fifth Avenue at 11 a.m. Monday, police said. He got into an argument with employees and pulled out the pellet gun, which looked like a real firearm.

The man threatened to shoot the employees but ran away when he realized someone had called 911, police said.

The man was arrested a couple of blocks away on suspicion of harassment.

Seattle Times Eastside bureau