Police uncovered seemingly stolen credit cards and documents, as well as a ballistic-protection vest and other equipment, Bellevue police said.

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Police have arrested two women and three men on suspicion of running a sophisticated identity-theft ring from a home in Seattle’s Highland Park neighborhood, Bellevue police said.

Investigators say they busted the operation on Tuesday in the 9400 block of Ninth Avenue Southwest after first noticing people leave the home in a stolen vehicle, according to a news release.

After obtaining search warrants for both the home and vehicle, investigators say they found equipment to make fake IDs and financial documents, as well as credit cards, Washington driver’s licenses and other documents of dozens of people, police said.

While searching the stolen vehicle, investigators say they found items such as a backpack containing narcotic drugs, tools and a brass-knuckle-shaped stun gun, police said.

Investigators also uncovered a stolen ballistic-protection vest and badge, Bellevue spokesman said.

Police arrested the group on suspicion of numerous crimes, including possessing a stolen vehicle, possessing stolen property and identity theft.

Authorities linked the stolen vehicle to one of the suspects, who police said was arrested in a car prowl in Bellevue on April 7, according to the release.

Police are contacting victims, including some in Bellevue, the release says. Authorities are forwarding the case to the King County Prosecutor’s Office to consider charges.