The recipe for a 250-pound cinnamon roll includes: • Three 50-pound bags of flour • 10 pounds of butter • 40 pounds of...

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The recipe for a 250-pound cinnamon roll includes:

• Three 50-pound bags of flour

• 10 pounds of butter

• 40 pounds of brown- sugar-and-cinnamon mix

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• 60 pounds of icing

Combine the ingredients in a giant mixer named Diesel, get three people to roll the dough for a couple of hours, piece it together on a 6-foot custom-built aluminum tray and shove it into a giant oven named Priscilla at 300 degrees.

Bake for about two hours, remove, top with icing and serve. Feeds 600.

Rolling for a record

Construction of the cinnamon roll is to start at 9 a.m. Saturday. The roll is expected to come out of the oven about 1 p.m., and eating should begin by 2. The whole process is open to the public. The House of Bread is at 15224 Main St., Suite 105, Mill Creek.

That’s how the House of Bread intends to bake up a world record Saturday and raise money for Hopelink, a local social-service agency that operates six food banks.

It all started when Wayne Warren, a co-owner of the Mill Creek bakery, saw an article about a bakery in Kansas creating a large cinnamon roll to outdo the one he had made for his store’s grand opening last year.

The first House of Bread cinnamon roll, which was between 80 and 90 pounds, helped spur the Kansas bakery to create a 150-pound roll. Now the Mill Creek bakery is coming back with the 250-pound roll.

In August, the bakery did a test run, just to see if it could be done, said Amy Shay, the head baker.

The result was 300,000 calories, light brown and delicious.

But it’s been unofficial until now.

Warren has made arrangements to enter the pastry in the Guinness World Records book in a new category: largest cinnamon roll. To do so, Warren had to make a proposal to Guinness, get some guidelines and find two officials from the state Department of Agriculture to oversee the event.

If the bakery follows the guidelines and Guinness thinks the record is impressive enough, it’ll get put in the book, Warren said.

The preparation of the cinnamon roll will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday when the dough is cut into 5-pound chunks and made into 3-inch-high rolls.

A regular-size cinnamon roll will be placed at the center of the gigantic tray, and the dough will be circled around it until the roll fills the tray.

Then six people will lift it into the bakery’s six-tray, 24-pan rotating-rack oven that will have been fitted with special rails to accommodate the giant pastry.

About 1 p.m., it’ll be pulled from the oven and cooled, and then the icing will be applied.

The roll will be weighed — somehow. The scale at the bakery goes up to only 230 pounds, so the bakers are looking for another scale, Warren said.

Then it’ll be time for eating.

Pieces of the cinnamon roll will be given away, but donations will be encouraged. All donations will go to Hopelink.

This may not be the last larger-than-life baking event for the Mill Creek House of Bread franchise, as employees of the bakery are wondering what else they can use their 6-foot tray for.

“I’m always up for a competition,” Shay said.

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