Pastor Joe Fuiten of Bothell enjoys keeping track of the babies born after the prayers at Cedar Park's Presentation Sunday services. So far, he said...

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Pastor Joe Fuiten of Bothell enjoys keeping track of the babies born after the prayers at Cedar Park’s Presentation Sunday services. So far, he said, the count is at 284, over more than 15 years.

A number of Christian churches dedicate Presentation Sunday, which commemorates the infant Jesus being taken to the Temple, to couples struggling with infertility issues. But Cedar Park’s services have gained a national reputation for results.

Kevin and Denise Mullins of Bothell went to a service last year. And though they’re not members of Cedar Park, they’ll be at tomorrow’s service — this time carrying their three-month-old son, Sean. After four years of trying to have a baby, the couple had all but given up.

“We had been on an emotional roller coaster trying to get pregnant,” Denise said. “In 2003 we decided to stop the medical procedures. We started filling out adoption papers, but someone told me about the pregnancy service at Cedar Park.

“We went to the service, prayed and I got pregnant the next month.”

The Mullins weren’t alone.

Fuiten said he knows of 47 babies conceived after last year’s service.

“I had an e-mail from a couple in New York who will be coming back with their baby,” he said.

Cedar Park’s services tomorrow will be at 9 and 10:45 a.m.

Century mark

Nokomis Club members celebrated Audrey Gorlick’s 100th birthday at yesterday’s meeting.

It was appropriate. The woman has been a longtime member of the Redmond service club, and she’s determined that the club, founded in 1909, will celebrate it’s 100th anniversary.

Gorlick is credited with recruiting a number of younger women a couple years ago, including former Mayor Chris Himes, current Mayor Rosemarie Ives, and a number of Redmond Historical Society members.

The enticement?

Gorlick and other longtime members told the recruits they only had to attend monthly lunch meetings — no fund raising and no committee meetings.

Raising money and awareness

You and your checkbook can make a difference at some local benefits. Pick your passion:

• Today’s 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. wine-and-cheese party at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville will announce The Safe in the Shade Walkathon to be held at Lake Sammamish State Park May 1.

Friends and family of Lesley Mosler Robinett are organizing the walkathon to benefit the Melanoma International Foundation. Robinett, a young woman who grew up in Bellevue, died of melanoma in 2003.

Rick and Terry Colella of Kirkland and dozens of their friends will be putting on the FiSHing for A Cure benefit auction at the Bellevue Hyatt tonight. That’s not as typo in the title.

Last summer their teenage son, Brian Colella, developed facioscapulohumeral disease (FSHD), a nonfatal form of muscular dystrophy. The debilitating disease has no cure — yet.

Which is why Rick, a former Olympic swimmer, and his wife have devoted the last seven months or so to this auction and to telling people about the disease.

For more information, go to Rick said they have just a few tickets left for tonight’s party. He can be reached at 425-827-8954.

One last grin

The bumper sticker on the Mercury station wagon had a message for tailgaters. It read:

“The Closer You Get

“The Slower I Go.”

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