Folks at Rowley Properties didn't spend a lot of time in the office yesterday. The staff of the Issaquah company, owned by Skip Rowley...

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Folks at Rowley Properties didn’t spend a lot of time in the office yesterday. The staff of the Issaquah company, owned by Skip Rowley, helped Eastside Baby Corner move.

Baby Corner, a nonprofit group, supplies everything from car seats and clothes to diapers and birthday presents for needy babies and children. It has operated out of Rowley Properties’ warehouse space since the group started in 1990. The current Baby Corner office will be demolished next week to make room for a hotel.

So where does an agency with next-to-no budget go?

To another Rowley warehouse, just a few blocks away on Northwest Maple Street.

Karen Ridlon, founder of Baby Corner, said other volunteers are helping, too, including Issaquah Kiwanis Club members and a volunteer from Pacific Construction Systems who is taking apart and rebuilding the shelf system.

There’s a time crunch.

“We have to be up and running Monday for agencies to come pick up supplies,” she said. “We’re already into our back-to-school mode, and some agencies only pick up every few weeks. If we weren’t open our regular hours, children would go without things they need, like clothes or diapers.”

While moving is never easy, everything in the Baby Corner was color coded, boxed and numbered. Ridlon hopes things fit in the new, smaller space.

“With all the car seats, cribs, toys, clothes and diapers we give away, even 1 centimeter less space makes a difference,” she said. “I tried to hide under the bed [in hope the move would go away], but it didn’t work.”

For information on Baby Corner, call 425-865-0234 or go to

Family fair

The Bellevue Arts and Crafts Fair has long been noted as a family event — particularly when it comes to volunteers.

Children whose parents helped organize the annual celebration grew up participating. As their mothers chaired committees, the kids licked stamps, sat in booths while artists took breaks, carried things and helped set up the event.

Now the third generation has joined the volunteer staff.

Lindsey Jonson,13, modeled a red hat at the Patron Party on Wednesday evening. Her mother, Noelle Jonson, and aunt, Lisa Clark, worked at the fair every summer as kids. They started because their mother (Lindsey’s grandmother), Lin Salisbury, has volunteered with the fair and the Bellevue Arts Museum for four decades.

Cast party

Members and patrons of the Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater had a double celebration last night. It was the official 40th anniversary party for the nonprofit group and the preopening party for “The Taming of the Shrew.”

The group has a new focus this year besides the usual entertaining plays and barbecue dinners. The board, said Vice President Ed Hazen, is working on improved forest stewardship of the 95 acres it owns on the south side of the Snoqualmie River. The group will restore a salmon stream in September, and 150 cedar seedlings were recently planted.

For more information, call 425-736-7252 or go to

P.S. — Go early to the plays. There’s a swimming beach, fishing site and hiking trails.

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