First white settlers, the Popham and McGregors families, build homesteads in the Houghton area. Prior to the 1860s, the Duwamish...

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1860s — First white settlers, the Popham and McGregors families, build homesteads in the Houghton area. Prior to the 1860s, the Duwamish Indians had small villages around Lake Washington.

1872 Henry French built a cabin near today’s Lake Washington Boulevard, not far from the shore of Yarrow Bay. By 1874 French moved his family into a wood-frame house, the first in the community. (The house is still a private residence.)

1886 — Peter Kirk, owner of a steel mill in England, came to the United States seeking a site for a new mill. With the coal mines in Issaquah, Newcastle and Renton and the discovery of iron ore in the Cascade Mountains, he decided to settle on Lake Washington.

1888 — Peter Kirk and Leigh S. Hunt launch the Kirkland Land & Improvement Co. in Kirkland; a few months later the Moss Bay Iron & Steel Works of America is incorporated.

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1897 — Seattle Woolen Mill is established in Kirkland.

1905 — Kirkland incorporates.

1910 — Peter Kirk sells his land holdings in Kirkland and moves to the San Juan Islands, where he dies six years later.

1920 — Kirkland Women’s Club is founded.

1923 — Kirkland High School opens.

1932 — Juanita Golf Course opens; later becomes Juanita Bay Park.

1933 — The Rev. Charles Newberry resigns as mayor over the selling of beer in Kirkland after the end of Prohibition.

1935 — The ferry Kalakala is launched from Lake Washington Shipyard.

1940 — Work at the Lake Washington Shipyard reaches a fever pitch for the war effort.

1946 — Pig races in Moss Bay during the Kirkland Summer Festival receive national publicity.

1950 — 550 students move into the new Lake Washington High School; Highway 2A (later Interstate 405) route is established; Lake Washington Ferry service suspended.

1951 — Al Leland, 29, becomes Kirkland’s youngest mayor.

1956 — King County buys Juanita Beach for $45,650; Kirkland acquires it from King County in 2002.

1966 — Kirkland changes to council-manager city government.

1968 — Houghton and Kirkland vote to merge; Dorothy (Didi) Anstett of Kirkland is crowned Miss USA.

1970 — Marina Park dedicated.

1972 — Evergreen General Hospital opens.

1982 — Present Kirkland City Hall opens; Kirkland National Little League wins the Little League World Series, beating Taiwan 6-0.

1984 — Doris Cooper is elected the city’s first female mayor and serves three consecutive two-year terms.

1985 — The Shumway Mansion is moved from downtown to Juanita Bay area.

1989 — Carillon Point opens on the old Lake Washington Shipyard site.

1998 — Lower Juanita, North Rose Hill and South Rose Hill are annexed, doubling the city population to 35,823; Kirkland Performance Center opens.

1999 — Kirkland’s oldest church landmark building, the First Church of Christ Scientist, is saved and moved to Central Way and Market to become Heritage Hall.

2000 — Kirkland and Kirkland Heritage Society awarded the first John D. Spellman Award for historic-preservation efforts.

Timeline courtesy of the Kirkland Heritage Society