In another items: 2 men suspected of passing fake checks.

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Kirkland City Council members next week will begin wading through résumés from 12 people who have applied to fill a recent council vacancy.

The deadline to apply for the vacancy was 3 p.m. yesterday. Applicants include former council members, local activists and former members of city boards and commissions.

The applicants are Robert Adair, Bob Davis, Nona Ganz, Carolyn Hayek, Andrew Held, Tom Hodgson, Dan Krehbiel, Chris Livermore, Elizabeth Pachaud, Dick Paylor, John Spangenberg and Ron Stieger.

The council will likely pair down the list to a handful of applicants and will interview the top contenders at 6 p.m. Thursday at Kirkland City Hall, 123 Fifth Ave.

The vacancy was created when Councilman Tom Dillon resigned earlier this month after the council rejected a controversial retail and condominium project in the heart of downtown.


2 men suspected of passing fake checks

Two men who did not know each other were arrested after each tried to pass fake checks at the same Bank of America branch in Bothell within minutes of each other this week, police said.

Detectives were on their way to help arrest the first suspect about 5:15 p.m. Wednesday when they got a call from the bank, in the 22800 block of the Bothell Everett Highway, about the second man. Both men were arrested and booked into the Snohomish County Jail on suspicion of forgery.

A detective also arrested a woman suspected of helping the second man. In her car near the bank, police allegedly found 30 pieces of stolen mail and drug paraphernalia, said Bothell police Capt. Denise Langford.

Police would not release details about the suspects.

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