Nan Conklin won the gold yesterday. The 80-year-old finished first in the electric-cart race, part of the Senior Olympics competition at...

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Nan Conklin won the gold yesterday.

The 80-year-old finished first in the electric-cart race, part of the Senior Olympics competition at Brittany Park Retirement Community in Woodinville. May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month as well as Older Americans Month, and yesterday was National Senior Health and Fitness Day.

The Olympics drew competitors from ages 80 to 97. There were balance challenges, balloon-volleyball games, bowling, darts and an egg-and-spoon race. Winners climbed on tiered stands to receive their medals with appropriate music in the background — the theme from “Chariots of Fire.”

Tom McNutt, 86, won the putting tournament; and Si Syverson, 86, Ruth Samuelson, 84, Kathleen Jenner, 88, and Maryann Wyss, 86, won the relay race.

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Knowing your city

Helena Parker shared a few anecdotes at last Thursday’s thank-you luncheon for Bellevue City Hall volunteers. Parker and Shary King depend upon many volunteers to staff the information desk and help prepare bulk mailings.

One time a man in a dirty T-shirt and a woman in a bridal gown came to City Hall hoping to get married. They were disappointed to learn they needed a county license and that there was a three-day wait. “Hopefully, the man was able to find a clean T-shirt in those three days,” Parker said.

But the tale that broke up the luncheon was about a caller who wanted to know where to find an X-rated toy shop in Bellevue.

Parker put the caller on hold and asked the volunteer working with her. The volunteer supplied the information and an address.

“I noticed it because it was near a store I knew,” the volunteer told the luncheon crowd. “Don’t tell anyone my name. Just say I’m an 83-year-old woman.”

Fertile ground

The baby boom in Overlake Hospital Medical Center’s offices has everybody joking about the water.

In the public-relations department, Jola Jensen is due Aug. 4 and Katie McCarthy is due July 13. Two women in information services recently had babies. Five women in human resources are either pregnant or just back from maternity leave.

Victoria Miles, director of auxiliaries for the Overlake Hospital Foundation, also is due this summer.

“I think the foundation felt left out of the baby boom and so they hired Victoria,” McCarthy said.

Speaking of babies

Jim and Katalin “Kati” Pearman of Mercer Island weren’t keeping it a secret, but they didn’t expect their baby to make the newspaper — before she arrives in October or before they told their friends and neighbors.

Jim Pearman, who is a city councilman, casually mentioned Kati’s pregnancy to the local weekly newspaper when he recently announced he was running for re-election. He was surprised it made the paper and even more surprised at the reaction. Neighbors brought flowers and offered to baby-sit, and other people offered hugs, congratulations and name suggestions.

Pearman also is graduating from the University of Washington’s MBA program.

The couple recently celebrated their 20th anniversary and assumed they were done having children. Both in their mid-40s, they have one daughter, Charlotte, 11.

“I’m a public servant and don’t usually get warm hugs from people,” Pearman said. “This baby has been a remarkable blessing, and she isn’t even here yet.”

Charlotte’s fifth-grade classmates at Lakeridge Elementary compiled a list of more than 30 name suggestions when they found out she was going to be a big sister.

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