Second place still undecided in Bellevue City Council Position 7 race.

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In the Bellevue City Council race for Position 7, incumbent Jennifer Robertson was far ahead of her two challengers on election night, but those two challengers were separated by just 28 votes, leaving it still unclear Wednesday who would face Robertson in the general election.

After King County vote counts were released Wednesday, bicycle- and neighborhood activist Lyndon Heywood stretched his lead to 40 votes over anti-light rail candidate Bill Hirt. That gives Heywood 11.2 percent or the total and Hirt 10.9 percent.

Robertson edged up slightly, from 77 percent of the primary election night total to 78 percent Wednesday. Robertson, a land-use attorney, was rated outstanding by the Municipal League of King County. Heywood received an adequate rating and Hirt was rated not qualified.

In the race for Position 5, biotech professional Vandana Slatter and planning Commissioner Michelle Hilhorst maintained their leads with 43 and 36 percent of the total, respectively, after Wednesday’s count. Journalist Sherry Grindeland was third with 21 percent.