Bothell has acquired the 89-acre Wayne Golf Course for a park.

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After years of wrangling, it’s finally official: The 89-acre Wayne Golf Course in Bothell — one of the region’s last large, private, undeveloped swaths of land — is a park.

On Tuesday, the Bothell City Council approved the purchase of the 39-acre area known as the “Back 9” for about $400,000. Last month, it purchased the 50-acre Front 9.

The golf course features about a mile of Sammamish River frontage, a historic apple orchard and farmhouse, acres of woods and proximity to Blyth Park and the Burke-Gilman and Tolt River trails.

And it’s a lovely spot, says Tracey Perkosky, Bothell’s interim parks and recreation director. The space is wide open and green, with golf-cart trails that make for beautiful walking paths.

It’s already drawing people who walk their dogs through the area in the afternoon, or set up Frisbee golf games. “There are nice hills, and pretty vistas,” she said.

The city plans to maintain it for recreational activities such as hiking and bird watching. King County has offered to design, construct and maintain trail connections from the Burke-Gilman and Sammamish River trails through both the Front 9 and Back 9, which could connect the park to Blyth Park and the Tolt Pipeline Trail.

Bothell’s former mayor, Joshua Freed, had once advanced a plan to develop the Back 9 with luxury houses, a move that touched off a storm of protest in Bothell and helped launch an effort to get the land into public ownership.

In February 2016, the conservation group Forterra announced it had secured a purchase agreement and interim financing for the property.

The partnership with Forterra, King County, Bothell and a group called OneBothell worked together to help complete the purchase.

Early next year the city will ask the public to help give the new park a name, and will launch the effort to design it.

In total, the entire cost for both the Front 9 and Back 9 was about $3.8 million.