Bruce Bullard's indoor-bicycling classes at Columbia Athletic Club at Juanita Bay have such a loyal following that regulars get up early...

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Bruce Bullard’s indoor-bicycling classes at Columbia Athletic Club at Juanita Bay have such a loyal following that regulars get up early in the morning to call and reserve spots. Which means Bullard knows the folks in his class well enough that he felt comfortable asking some of them for a favor.

He recently recruited 11 of the guys to help him propose to his girlfriend, Cindy Kouremetis.

“I called the 11 guys in advance, had them come early and set up their bikes, and then they met me down the hall,” Bullard said.

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Each man was given a red rose. When it was time for class to begin, the guys walked into the room, one at a time and each presented a rose to Kouremetis. None of the men would answer her questions.

Bullard, the last to arrive, brought her the 12th rose.

“I got down on my knees and proposed,” he said.

The couple — both approaching middle age — met at an indoor-cycling class two years ago, at a now-defunct fitness center in Totem Lake.

So did Bullard go easy on the class after the proposal? No way, said a couple of participants. They describe cycling sessions with Bullard as killer classes.

“I’m a cyclist,” said Bullard, who also works as a personal trainer. “I try to make the class be like an outdoor biking session in intensity and hills.”

Fitness pro

Speaking of workouts, former Seattle Seahawk Sam Adams, a 2005 NFL Pro Bowl selection, knows about getting in shape and staying in top form. So it is fitting that the Buffalo Bills defensive tackle recently opened a gym in downtown Seattle.

Adams co-owns The Epicenter Fitness Center with Merle Gregg.

Baby time

Yes, yes, as a mother of four, I know pregnancies usually last nine months. (Although most moms agree the final month feels like six years.) An error in Saturday’s column was caused by my typing fingers.

I wrote about Presentation Sunday at Cedar Park Church in Bothell. During that service, which traditionally is held about 40 days after Christmas, Pastor Joe Fuiten, Cedar Park members and visitors pray for couples wanting to conceive or to adopt babies. As I said Saturday, Cedar Park’s prayer services on Presentation Sunday have gained a national reputation.

In the column, I wrote about Kevin and Denise Mullins of Bothell, who attended last year’s service. Their son, Sean, was born three weeks prematurely, in October.

That means Sean is 3 months old. I mistakenly wrote that he was 8½ months old.

One big frown

The driver of the small, gray car kept hitting his brakes. Several times he nearly stopped in the right-hand lane of Bel-Red Road in Bellevue. I guessed he was lost and patiently followed him for a couple of blocks. When traffic permitted, I got into the left lane and passed him.

Stickers on the rear, side windows said, “Crash Research.”

Duh! Won’t take much research to find the reason behind any accidents this guy has. He was too busy talking on his cellphone to pay attention to his driving.

Why am I so adamant about not driving while talking? A couple of years ago, a woman totaled my beloved sports car when she ran a red light — while talking on her cellphone.

One last grin

Cross Stitch Corner, a specialty shop on 105th Avenue Northeast in Bellevue, announces when it is closed with an appropriate cross-stitched sign on the door.

It reads: Gone Stitchin’.

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