This Bellevue police officer gave a hoot. Or was it a whhhooo?

The officer was driving in his patrol car early Thursday morning when he noticed an injured owl on the side of the road and decided to try to get it some help, the police department shared on Twitter.

The patrolman got the owl into his car and set it on a paper bag in the passenger seat, but the bird opted to hop onto the dashboard instead, the department tweeted.

The bird was taken to a 911 dispatcher who has done some work to rehabilitate birds, and the dispatcher then took the owl to Aerowood Animal Hospital in Bellevue, KOMO-TV reports.

Wild animals in distress are nursed back to health at Arlington facility

After a veterinarian checked the owl out and found it had a bruised leg, the dispatcher tried to take the owl to PAWS, but it was closed, KOMO reported. She took the owl home to wait until PAWS opened, but the bird got free in her house, flew around and finally out the front door.

Another injured owl garnered attention recently when it was found on the University of Washington campus with a fractured pelvis and a lesion on its eye, and campus officials put caution tape around it to keep people away. That owl is recovering at PAWS.