Bruce Greek of Kirkland reluctantly agreed to change his workday plans recently when a potential customer called from Port Orchard. The customer wanted two...

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Bruce Greek of Kirkland reluctantly agreed to change his workday plans recently when a potential customer called from Port Orchard. The customer wanted two of Greek’s hand-blown glass lights — immediately.

The customer had picked the fixtures from Greek’s Web site (

Greek consulted with his fiancée, Janin Wilson, before telling the client he could do it. Wilson works for and handles Greek’s marketing in her spare time.

“I’m having a meltdown, telling him he had to do it,” she said. “Bruce doesn’t get wound up about anything and was taking everything in stride, thinking about the things he wanted to accomplish that Monday.”

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She convinced him the national exposure was more important than his to-do list. The client was ABC Television’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” hosted by Ty Pennington.

Greek turned off the hot glass furnace in his Everett shop, grabbed the lights and headed to the Kitsap Peninsula. He stopped to get the lights wired and then followed the television producer’s directions to the makeover house.

The closer he got to the address, the brighter the sky became. The house was a giant movie set, with bright lights, booms, cameras, production crew and dozens of construction workers. Everything was happening at once. A painter had to step around a carpet layer putting down the new floor covering. Carpenters were hammering, and camera crews were filming it all.

“I wish we had that kind of help with our place,” Wilson said. “Bruce and I have been remodeling our Kirkland condo for nine months and still aren’t done.”

This isn’t Greek’s first brush with fame. His lights grace numerous commercial sites, including Nordstrom stores, Red Robin restaurants and Rockefeller Center. He trained under Dale Chihuly and, in addition to his commercial pieces, is a noted glass artist.

The Port Orchard makeover project featuring Greek’s light fixtures should be televised either late this month or early next.

Printed fame

Milenko Matanovic of the Pomegranate Center in Issaquah won a Shelter Award from HOME Magazine.

The award honors leaders who bring the true spirit of home to communities.

Matanovic’s center, which he founded in 1986, works with volunteers to design and construct public gathering spaces that enhance social vitality. He has worked with more than 30 communities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, China and Russia.

Matanovic is featured in the December issue of HOME Magazine.

Flush with style

The gala preview of Lincoln Square Cinemas Thursday night drew an overflow crowd of admirers mingling with celebrity impersonators, including a short Darth Vader and a dead ringer for Austin Powers.

The seats in the new theaters are comfortable rockers, and the rows are raked (tilted) enough to give everyone a fabulous view of the screen.

And when it came to important things, the designers were on track. There are so many stalls in the women’s restroom, there should never be a line.

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