A Snohomish County lumber mill that was shut down in 2015, after nearly 75 years in business, caught fire early Wednesday morning.

The mill, south of the Snohomish River near Airport Way in the city of Snohomish, was believed to have been filled with mattresses and computers when it burned, prompting a response from the state Department of Ecology, according to KING TV.

Officials don’t believe anyone was inside at the time, the station reported.

The landmark mill had trouble recovering after the recession and closed in the summer of 2015 when there was a glut of lumber and too little demand, according to an Everett Herald story from that time. The company that ran it was the 10th lumber company in Washington to have notified the state of a mill closure and employee layoffs since 2007, and it was the last mill to close among several in Snohomish, the paper reported.

“Mills were a really big part of the city’s early history,” Snohomish City Manager Larry Bauman told the Herald at the time. “It’s the end of an era for us.”

The property at 9525 Airport Way is still owned by Seattle-Snohomish Mill Co., according to Snohomish County Assessor’s Office records.