The woman was booked at the King County Jail and released; she faces DUI and reckless-driving charges, a police spokesman says.

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A woman was arrested in Seattle on Sunday night after video caught her driving into a group of people having a snowball fight, according to police.

That video, which has been viewed more than half a million times on Facebook, shows a small blue Jeep whipping around in a snowy intersection and then driving off the road and toward a group of people.

“Oh my god,” bystanders can be heard saying in the video, as those in the vehicle’s path scatter.

The video was posted Sunday by Joey Wieser, and less than 24 hours later more than 6,000 people had shared it. The video was captured around 8 p.m. in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, KIRO reports.

“This Seattle woman just attempted vehicular manslaughter against me, my brother, and my friends!!” Wieser wrote. “We were having a snowball fight and a snowball hit her blue Jeep, and THIS is how she responded!”

Police spokesman Mark Jamieson confirmed to McClatchy on Monday that the woman was arrested, but he did not identify her. Jamieson wrote in an email that she faces DUI and reckless-driving charges and was booked at the King County Jail. He said a police report on the incident was not yet available.

Police performed a field sobriety test on the woman and discovered she was under the influence of marijuana, KIRO reports.

Wieser’s video shows that after the woman drove toward the crowd, she got out of her car — not at all dressed for the weather — and ran toward people outside. She was apparently angry that a snowball had been tossed into her vehicle.

As she tried fighting one person, others came over and tried to get her off, video shows. KIRO reported that the woman had a key wedged between her fingers.

“Before you wreck your car, or cause any more issues, please drive away,” said one of the people who broke up the fight and restrained the woman.

The woman yelled back.

She next asked someone to call the police for her.

Others then accused the woman of trying to run them down, video shows.

The video ends after about a minute and 30 seconds.

On Facebook, Wieser jokingly referred to the woman as “Raging Rachel.”

Before the road-rage incident, participants said the snowball fight was all in good fun, KOMO reports.

“It was fun, it was playful,” Wieser said, according to the TV station. “People were having a good time.”

Prosecutors said they’re waiting for toxicology tests to come back before filing charges, KOMO reports. The woman was released from jail Monday, according to the TV station.