Uber will offer free rides Thursday night to those who blow into a breathalyzer kiosk at Kells Irish Pub near Pike Place Market.

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Hoping to help Guinness guzzlers get home safe Thursday night during St. Patrick’s Day festivities, Uber is teaming up with the city of Seattle to debut a breathalyzer kiosk at Kells Irish Pub in Post Alley near Pike Place Market.

Revelers who give the breathalyzer a blow Thursday between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m. will get a free ride home from Uber.

The city entered the partnership, a one-year pilot, as a way to reduce drunken driving and help Uber work with local businesses to promote safe rides, said Scott Kubly, director of Seattle Department of Transportation.

The city plans to host more special events with the transportation service in the upcoming year to further the campaign, he said.

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“If they [drinkers] come out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, or any other weekend, Uber and the city will make sure they have a ride home,” Kubly said.

In a blog post, the transportation department also said the agreement furthers its Vision Zero program, which seeks to eliminate traffic deaths and serious incidents by 2030.

On Thursday, Uber is also offering uberHOP routes for transit-like prices from Kells Irish Restaurant & Bar, in Post Alley. A trip from Kells to Lower Queen Anne costs $2; from Kells to Capitol Hill costs $2.50 and from Kells to Ballard costs $4.

Last year, Uber erected a breathalyzer kiosk in Toronto (it delivered straws for personal use) and filmed an advertisement that featured partying Canadians blowing into the kiosk and celebrating when they got free rides.

The accents make it worth a watch, eh?