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Last Saturday was the 13th Annual Drawing Jam at Gage Academy of Art, a top art school in Seattle where they are very rigorous about drawing from life — a principle I practice religiously! Hundreds of people show up for the Jam, where you can draw your heart out painting a cadre of models. Picture Benjamin Franklin, the Seafair Pirates, musicians, theater performers, you name them.

For some reason, this year they also let an odd performer into the mix: yours truly! My gig as a model consisted in sketching people while they sketched me, something Gage Communications Director Mark Livingston envisioned as a “through the looking-glass” sort of experience.

I was flattered by the invitation and the one-hour session was much less nerve-racking than I anticipated. Thanks to Stillman & Birn, which provided sketchbooks to everyone in the room, the session became a bit more like urban sketching and less like studio drawing, though some artists still used big easels, rendering almost life-size representations of my big nose. I was quite impressed!

See the rest of the sketches I made on this slideshow. Gage Academy also shared a ton of photos of the session on this Facebook album.