Seattle Sketcher Gabriel Campanario finds himself stuck in some congestion behind the wheel.

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Sketched May 12, 2016

Oh, the traffic!

You’re more likely to find me on a Sound Transit or Metro bus than driving. But, in certain circumstances, I have to get behind the wheel and brace for guaranteed congestion somewhere along the way.

The other day, for example, I found myself stuck on the Ship Canal Bridge. What’s new?

The traffic jam was serious enough that I reached for my sketchbook to capture the glorious view of Mount Rainier. As I jotted down a quick composition, my frustration eased a little bit. When I colored the sketch later, it struck me as the most productive thing I’ve ever done while sitting idle in traffic.

The Ship Canal Bridge is one of Seattle’s most notorious chokepoints. I’ve heard it has to do with some psychological trigger that makes drivers slow down as they enter the bridge.

If that’s true, I’m afraid no amount of lanes would ever fix the congestion on this stretch of I-5.