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blmfbookstore050409m.jpgMay 4, 10:42 a.m. [View larger] [Map]
People always tell me that “there are more stores downstairs” in the market. For some reason I never felt compelled to explore them. But I finally did.
Wandering around the inner halls I stumbled upon J. B. Johnson’s little bookstore. I didn’t even know what floor I was on. It turned out to be the third one, part of what is known as “Down Under”.
J. B. is a veteran on this floor. It’s been 13 years since he opened BLMF bookstore. He loves the gig, better than anything he would have done with his degree in political science and sociology. He enjoys the quiet atmosphere and simple life –there’s no computer on the store. And travelling. The wall behind him has snapshots from trips to Morocco, Bulgaria, London, Egypt and other exotic destinations. “I keep (the photos) there to remind me to get out of here,” he says.
Like Steve Winston from The Spanish Table, he’s also concerned about the hassle of construction around. He wishes they had done it some other time of the year. “Summer is our busiest season. I just want it to be over,” he says.