Have you recently looked up at the night sky and thought to yourself, ‘That star looks impossibly bright?’ Turns out it’s not a star, but the planet Venus.

Venus is by far the brightest planet visible in the western twilight and will be especially bright just above the horizon in early September, according to science and nature website EarthSky.

“Venus ranks as the third-brightest celestial object to light up the heavens, after the sun and moon, respectively,” EarthSky reports.

You may also notice another bright speck below Venus. That’s a star named Spica that belongs to the Virgo constellation. Stargazers in the Western Hemisphere will be able to enjoy the sight of Venus in conjunction with Spica on Sept. 5, according to EarthSky.

While the Friday and Saturday night skies in and around the Seattle area will be filled with clouds, stargazing will be ideal on Sunday and Monday when skies are expected to be clear, said National Weather Service meteorologist Mike McFarland.

Though the Venus and Spica conjunction is coming Sunday, the pair can be seen by the naked eye on any of the coming evenings about an hour after the sun sets.