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Sketched May 4, 2015

Here’s a mine of sketching subject matter that will take me a long time to capture in pen and paper: the 149 shoreline street ends that hide some of the less known waterscapes around Seattle.

I came upon the one at East Shelby Street in the Portage Bay neighborhood as I looked for a picturesque scene of vessels to acknowledge the start of boating season. Here one can get an upclose view of floating homes and sailboats and squint at the boat traffic moving under the Montlake draw bridge, which is visible in the distance.

The secluded spot also includes an artful concrete wall with Native American images of jumping salmon carved into the cement. According to a plaque near the lonesome bench where I sat to sketch, the artwork commemorates the local Native Americans who fished these waters for thousands of years, and one of them in particular, John Shiahud, a canoe carver who lived near this site in the late 1800s.

I hope to document more of these street ends in the future. Keeping the sketches in black and white will certainly make the job faster.