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Snippets from the Seattle police news conference on yesterday’s shootings:

People were reading, sipping coffee when the gunman (later identified by The Seattle Times as Ian Stawicki), entered the cafe. They were jocular, exchanging conversation.

The gunman comes in, looks around and sits down. There is some interaction between him and the barista. One of the other customers stands up and that’s when the gunman stands up and starts shooting. First at that man, then down the bar.

At least three people got out because one patron, now being called a hero, threw two stools at the shooter.

The gunman chased down some of his victims.

He also took a hat from one of them, put it on and walked out.

He had been kicked out of the cafe at least once, possibly twice.

There is no audio with the video from inside the cafe, but police said it appears the barista is calmly denying him service. He was sitting until the first victim stood up.

The gunman had two guns.

An acquaintance of the gunman in West Seattle contacted police with information about the shooter.

Police don’t know where he had been living.

The gunman had permits for his weapons.

Regarding gun laws in our state, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said the city will try to do what it can on the local level to address the problem of individuals with guns and the culture of violence surrounding gun use. Some people think it’s “OK to go out with a gun and settle a dispute,” he said.